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Volunteer Marek

Post by The Devil's Advocate » Tue Sep 05, 2017 1:33 pm

This thread's revival here was really inevitable given Marek's general inability to avoid disruptive agenda-warring. Marek's latest misadventures involve articles related to immigration, DACA specifically. Aptly-named Samsara protected the page on DACA due to an ongoing edit war over the use of the term "illegal alien" as opposed to "undocumented immigrant" in the article then went to AN to start a discussion about it. Because Marek was a rude jerk to Samsara over protection, Samsara also included a note about Marek's behavior and suggested a block. Per the usual, Marek loudly and verbosely complained about Samsara suggesting he has ever done anything wrong in his entire life of good honest behavior as well as calling for a BOOMERANG. This got worse when Samsara noted Marek's actions at the article on the DREAM Act, a related piece of proposed legislation. Another administrator, GoldenRing jumped in and banned Marek for three months from articles related to immigration.

Unfortunately for both, this has not been well-received among others. Fram initially stated he was removing the sanction, but rescinded that when it was noted he is not allowed to do that unilaterally. Even so, many of the usual suspects started showing up to protect GoldenRing's sanction, including Marek's good pal Drmies who also blocked the IP user with whom Marek had been feuding and had alerted Samsara to the DREAM Act edits. He relayed this to Samsara using all of his usual grace.

Despite all the criticism, the complaints about Marek's actions are, as is often the case, legitimate. Marek and others were upset that Samara protected the DACA page from all edits by non-admins, claiming restricting IPs was all that was necessary. They were especially upset because the page was locked with the "illegal alien" language included. However, Samsara cites this discussion about including the phrase in the page and there is clear division among established editors on the phrase, though more favoring it than opposing it. Marek's edits to the DREAM Act article in removing the criticism section were also clearly wrong. His argument for removal of material cited to ABC News is misleading at best, as the source certainly does support the general material, just not all the specific phrasing. Claiming the Center for Immigration Studies is a "self-published source" is simply ludicrous. It is a primary source, but the article cites plenty of such sources and there is no denying the CIS is a noteworthy group whose position is relevant.

Marek also criticized Samsara for protecting the Google memo article over the dispute about the Blind survey of Google employees showing a majority opposed the firing of the memo's author. An RfC on this has a majority in favor of inclusion, though there is not a clear consensus as of yet. Obviously, that means the protection was reasonable to prevent edit-warring. While Marek has been sanctioned over his immigration-related editing, the possibility of it being removed is very high because he continues to be enabled by administrators and editors who agree with his politics or otherwise have ulterior reasons for backing him up.

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Re: Volunteer Marek

Post by sashi » Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:40 pm

Undocumented status being elevated to a determining characteristic of a fellow human is pretty crass from my POV. I also appreciated Atsme's rebuttal of Marek spouting nonsense. ^^

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Re: Volunteer Marek

Post by Proabivouac » Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:21 pm

Marek's recent edit history appears to consist solely of political activism across a wide range of articles. Here he edit-wars to restore a capsule description of Sean Hannity as a "conspiracy theorist," hardly the first term that would come to mind even for most of his detractors:

https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?ti ... =805091715

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