Ymnes, the wonderboy

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Ymnes, the wonderboy

Post by EarlStatler » Tue Sep 26, 2017 6:16 am

Is Ymnes a troll? No. Ymnes is a young person, babbling and reacting like a child five years old, hot-headed, and diligently. Ymnes is autistic. And because his autism he follows every rule of wikipedia. Every rule, and the sysops and arbcom are his guardian angels. No original research? No original research.
And ymnes wrote many, many articles, like for instance The Cats. And many, many other articles about pop music, sometimes two or more articles a day. Ymnes was the rising star and very populair by the wiki bureaucracy. Was, till he helped to global lock that dammed Graaf Statler. What was the problem? Ymnes has no idea of our copyright law, like so many Dutch wiki stars. They don't understand our quotation law, our citaatrecht, there own system was approved by wiki lawyers.

And now? Our copy past Ymnes is active at Wikinews at the moment, and things he is a star editor. And he is a fallen star on Wikipedia-NL. Poor Ymnes. But there are many, many fallen angels like him. User February, De Webprof, and many, many others. Encouraged by bureaucracy, mostly united in Wikimedia-NL

And this is the drama of Wikipedia NL in a nutshell.
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