CaAL, the block wonder

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CaAL, the block wonder

Post by EarlStatler » Fri Oct 06, 2017 6:43 pm

CaAL is a sysop and a arbcom member on WP-NL, and most of his activities are blocking other users, and playing a kind of policeman. He is populair because he is bold. He wrote in the past a few articles about mathematics and pop music, and look to me intelligent. But........

CaAl believes in good fait of his college sysops. CaAl doesn't investigate anything himself, and is because of that a tabloid sysop and tabloid arbcom member. He does't understand his limits, I am sure he very good at his profession, but not as a sysop or arbcom member! But why is he so populair?

Because the mainstream of WP-NL is autistic. They understand his way of thinking and his actions! But his actions are insane and destructive.
And of course it's völlig verrückt to give someone who is doing nothing on Wikipedia and many times does't know what is going on this position. I had always the feeling with him, get lost good for nothing idiot. What, you playing my chef? I am a thousand times better editor that you are, so get lost! Lazerstraal een end op, niksnut. Verdiep je eens. (about the same in Dutch) And I think most normal people think in this way.
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