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"Het is helemaal niet zo dat iedereen jou de schuld in de schoenen schuift. Dat Calimero-geklaag misstaat je. Jij maakt er alleen wel een sport van duidelijk geschreven teksten geheel fout te interpreteren, wat niet zelden gepaard gaat met op niets gebaseerde aantigingen en insinuaties aan het adres van andere deelnemers aan een overleg." Marrakech (overleg) 7 nov 2017 09:31 (CET)

This is the problem of Edo in a nutshell . Because of his handicap he is not able to read what is written, and start to talk nonsens. Like so many do on Wikipedia-NL.
He was the person who send me a email to tell me you are a troll, the son of that professor died when he was 14, and called later my lawyer Mr. Auschwitz. (LL.M Ausma) And jews are lower. (Jullie is jodenvolk, but I am not Jewish, neither was my family, only mr. Hitler thought they were. So, it was no insult.)

And this person is day and night on IRC, gossiping, spreading crazy rumors, and ORTS member!

Because, when I send him a picture with a old pasport in my hand it kept long silent. And later but...but.., why did you tell us all that strange story's?

Because that story's are the treu, dear Edo. And it is of course clear what happend, those idiots went to WMF with there brain spine, there is a idiot and a troll, who is thinking or playing he is the son of professor Vleeskruijer. And, yes, James Alexander gave that global block. And that is the true! And now they can't go back, because they are entangled in their own troll-spider web

And is now deep, and when I say deep in the shit, like complete WMF! Because calling one of the best lawyers of Holland mister Auswchwitz, and insulting someone constantly is not a good idea! Or put his doxxed username between global users, global blocked for many reasons, without giving any reason!

My real name is already doxxed by Moira, I don't care because I am a respected citizen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but a kind request not to spread my name further.
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