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Art Unbound

Post by EarlStatler » Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:32 pm

Art Urban is a interesting user. He came in in 2007, and ended his active wikipedia carrier end 2009.
He belongs to the wikipedia incrowd, because you see here user names like Ellywa, Edo, MADe, Oscar van Dillen, Multichill, GerardM , and...Art Unbound.

But what makes Art Unbound so interesting in this list of illustrious Wikipedia-NL persons? I"ll tell you.
What makes Art Unbound so special is, if you are searches in his users history, he is promoting constante the idea to recruit active autistic users. He even gives suggestions were to find them.
You don't believe me, isn't it?
Well, have a look here, and you will find it somewhere, I think in 2009.

I never, never forget a page what I have seen 2 seconds in my live, it doesn't matter how long ago. He was the one who suggested to recruit new users in a club voor autist, because he was so enthusiastic about their behaving, He is one of the important Dutch autisticpedia fathers! The plan to make complet Wikipedia autistic, and to troll everybody out who was not autistic! And THAT is what happend there, and if you have a closer look you see very familiar names who are now involved in Wikidate.
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