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Post by Renée Bagslint » Sun Aug 12, 2018 6:31 pm

It's not often, even on Wikipedia, that we see so clear an example of the primacy of Wikipedianity over any form of engagement with the real world -- at least, in the minds of Wikipedians -- as the article on Ahmadiyya Jabrayilov. The article begins
Ahmadiyya Mikayil oglu Jabrayilov (22 September 1920 – 11 October 1994) was an Azerbaijani activist of the French Resistance. The factual accuracy of the official wartime biography of Jabrailov was questioned, which resulted, in particular, in the deletion of articles about Jabrayilov from the Russian and French Wikipedias.
Really? The most important thing about him is that he does not have articles on Wikipedia? Yes, a major section of the article is about a dispute between the various language editions over whether Jabrayilov existed or performed the deeds ascribed to him.

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