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Re: Arbitroll 1 Graaf Statler

Post by EarlStatler » Thu Sep 21, 2017 5:07 am

They have translated American terms of Use in Dutch. And that is a huge mistake, because probably/for sure (Vor Gericht und auf hoher See ist man in Gottes Hand“ Code Napoléon) they have not any value in Holland! Or better said, there is jurisprudence about. There are strict rules in the Kingdom The Netherland how you precent Terms of Use (absolute not in the way WMF does!) they have to be reasonable (they aren't) and otherwise the judge will not accept them. (The judget he judge will not do.) Don't forget they are offed in Dutch!. If you look at Google, I get form time to time a field in front of me, I have to scroll down and read the terms, before I agree. Why? Because Google paid literally a high price in Europe! And many others have paid a dear price in Holland with that terms of Use. You have to go to a Dutch specialist for you Terms of Use, and not to a amazing Wiki lawyer!

But let WMF pay there one experts to find out if it is right what I am claiming. I don't enter there infrastructure, although it's nonsens what they claim, I didn't broke there terms of Use because there are no, and according to the Dutch law is there Arbitration Committee the place were I first have to go! By email. They simpel can't overrule the Dutch law with there not valid Terms of Use! Beside they did a false claim. What a legal crime is in Holland by the way. (Max two year prison)
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