Beschuit met muisjes

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Beschuit met muisjes

Post by EarlStatler » Fri Oct 27, 2017 5:32 pm

Were is the Graaf talking about? Beschuit met muisjes? What for the hell are muisjes? Mice???? Beschuit??
Well, this is een beschuit met muisjes.

(Own work, GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 or higher.)

This topic is about a law case about a picture of beschuit met muisjes. What happend. A lady who is a entrepreneur used for about eight years a photo of a broken beschuit and some muisjes on her website. She claimed to be a doula, a serving lady in Greek,who supported in a mental way pregnant women.And she had found a picture like this on the website
But before you think de Graaf makes the same mistake, no, this is a picture taken by me, so I one the rights. And I give it free under the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 or higher, not compatible with CC BY-SA 3.0, so nobody has to be afraid I start a suitcase for such a stupide picture if he or she use it.
But why did she use this picture? Because in Holland if a child is born we serve beschuit met muisjes, and if it is a boy with blue muisjes, and if it is a girl with pink muisjes, both mixed white white muisjes, and the lady thought it would be nice to use such a picture on her site.

But was not so free as it seems, because the picture was taken by Ton Poortvliet, represented by Hollandse Hoogte, a photo agent. Who send her a bill. She was thinking the bills were fake, but they were not! 600 euro wanted the photo agent.
The lady was in shock! 600 euro for a simple picture! It was a picture from a free photo side! So, this ended up by what we call de rijden rechter.
What is de rijdende rechter? A real law cause with a real judge on television, with a real verdict. So, mr. (Master in Law) J.S.Ried, the judge, asked professor Dirk Visser, expert Intellectual property rights for a advice. And according to the professor the lady was three times wrong and had to pay 200 euro for the license, 200 euro for using the picture without permission and 100 euro because she edited the picture. And because it was a television program and a warning to the people to be very, very careful with copyright in Holland she didn't have to pay the cost of legal assistentes of Hollandse Hoogte. But that can be a lot of money!

Why am I writing this topic? Because of the total irresponsible behavior of the Dutch wiki community! Because it is clear a CC license doesn't give someone any protection if work appears to be copvio for the one who is using a picture or a text!

mr. Engelfriet, many times speaker om Wikimedia-NL meetings according to his wiki article gave a reaction. His conclusion is, the judge was wrong.

*Beschuit met muisjes,
*In Dutch, the broadcast of the trail
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