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Re: Katherine Maher, executive director Wikimedia Foundation

Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 6:52 pm
by EarlStatler
I agree if it's a bit Godwin, but the whole situation reminds me of the story of a high placed nazi who arrived in Sobibor. The Ukrainian guards where sitting with a few local woman, drinking and everywhere where you looked was jewellery and money. The whole place was filled up with it. Nobody even took the trouble to collect it, it was worthless, nobody was interested anymore in it because you couldn't buy anything for it. The guards wanted only one thing, to return home to there wife and children, what was impossible. They didn't care anymore about money. It had not any value anymore.

Because what is Katherine collecting? More money? For what? For a gender approach whit as only solution every man must become a transgender? To make woman so afraid for man, to make them so bitchy that not one single man should even think to fuck them? Because only the idea makes him so sick he has lost every appetite? As a kind of prevention? To make Wiki safe for woman? Because all man flew away if such a gender bitch only comes by and comes in action.

If the real world should existed out of Wiki gender woman for sure I moved straight away to Athos, the monk republic where are only man living. My god, what a woman, where did they found them. They are one by one a very good reason to become gay. No child was born on this world anymore, but for sure the world was very gender neutral.

Because they are doing something very strange, at least on WPNL. They are copying the behaviour of shitty man. They are behaving themself in exact the same way as the most shitty man at the end, it is very weird. But that is what they do. They use the protected surrounding to develop the same bad behave they are protected against.

Re: Katherine Maher, executive director Wikimedia Foundation

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 8:14 am
by Renée Bagslint
Two interesting recent tweets from Satan's little helper.

feels so Parisian. Lofty public institutional ideals, petty backroom deals, elite gatekeeping, the banal corruption of the urban haute bourgeoisie.
Turns out she's talking about corrupt admissions to elite universities. For some reason I thought she might be talking about some other allegedly educational project.

San Francisco
San Francisco, the city of open class warfare, prepares for its next round of IPOs. Get me outta here.

There's one obvious way of leaving SF, of course. It's easy too, a simple letter to HR.

Re: Katherine Maher, executive director Wikimedia Foundation

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:32 pm
by Auggie

I hate to poke fun at anyone's background, but really this is a case of glass houses. She grew up in a Connecticut suburb where the household income averages ~$200,000. Then took a course in Arabic in Cairo and traveled around the Middle East, likely on her parents' dime. She should not be throwing stones or taking shots at the bourgeoisie, unless she wants us to laugh at her as yet another hypocritical SJW.

And as for hating San Francisco. wtf?!@? There are thousands of people who would kill for her job, who would love to be in the middle of all that Silicon Valley action and would be savoring every minute of it. The WMF needs to clear her out of there and put in someone who will talk to the neighbors, not insult them and build ivory towers. Whatever Jimbo's other faults, he enjoyed the nonsense of the early years and injected a spirit of fun and adventure into it. Not this dour social justice pessimist woe is me crap that Maher seems to be wallowing in.

Re: Katherine Maher, executive director Wikimedia Foundation

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 7:53 pm
by EarlStatler
Earning so much money to tell such a lot of nonsens.

Because that right of what she claims is based on nothing. You can't just ignore copyright laws what exist from around 1900 on. (Holland 1912, Germany earlier.) There is nothing to "fight" with one repetitive in the Europarlement (Jullia Reda) and non in the National parents. You can't "fight" laws with some shitty American foundation in Europe, that is impossible. It is a illusion and maybe they believe such fairy tails in the suburb of Connecticut where she grew up, but not in the rest of the world. There is simple nothing to fight, only to accept.