"Resource Allocation", the WMS process architect

Wikimedia fundraising, financial issues (and improprieties), expenditures, contracting, and corporate relations.
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"Resource Allocation", the WMS process architect

Post by sashi » Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:25 pm

Kaarel Vaidla wrote: Resource Allocation / Focus
the impact of funds spent, and accountability of movement entities.
. / Guiding questions
These questions are not meant to be answered one-to-one but should help the group frame their own conversations and their consultations with movement stakeholders.

source, by author! author!

Where to begin?

This meaty "steak-holder" concept apparently first cropped up in management theory in 1963 in an internal Stanford Research Institute memo. No longer was a stake a wager or a vampire-slayer, being a stakeholder now was about being a dog in the race: "those groups without whose support the organization would cease to exist”. GLAM. The 50c army. WIR. The chapters, guilds and cabals...

These hard-working masons are nailing things up everywhere over on meta...

Where to end?

Off-topic... with observations on freemasons for the pleasure of the author! author!
The francmaçons were quick to kick the Carlton-Lille "brethren" out of the great Western lodge §.

The role of this masonry in ze Françafrique is just stuffed full of allegedly. suitcases and plane crashes as I recall.

Originally the split with the English Freemasons was over politics as much as over the French crossing God out of their bylaws. They would become quite powerful and increasingly political during the interwar period. Under Vichy, secret societies were forbidden and lodge archives were seized and cataloged. As I understand it, the francmaçons who were sent to the gas chambers were primarily Jewish.

It was only in the 60s that the movers n forwarders got their power back. In recent years, you've always been able to count on there being at least one glossy "special issue" history magazineabout them to take to the beach with you any given August, should you need one.
Gotta' keep your eye on the movement stake-wielders, too, though, I think... they tend to "weigh in".


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