Dutch police

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Dutch police

Post by EarlStatler » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:49 am

Yesterday we were alerted to this clip in our press. The police in Den Haag wanted to reach young people in there one language to explain there first mission to help them.
Because, that is the way the Dutch police works, in the first place they are there to help and protect you, and in the second place they are a police man or woman. Do you have a huge sociaal problem? They try to help you. Don't you know how else you can help? Call the police, they help you.
What a different with what I see sometimes in America, with it's macho cops. Yes, of course there are also nice police officers in America, and the Dutch police can be tough. But it is the principe.

Why am I posting this. To show you we don't need WMF in our society to solve a gender gap. We don't need a #Metoo. We we don't need all kind of solutions of problems what exist in Amerika but not here. We don't need a Wikimedia education program in our fine universities were everybody can study. That we don't need help in our state subsidized museums. WMF is throwing away it's money in Holland with there digital trash can WP-NL and WM-NL.

Because, imagine you are a woman and you are sexual abused, were would you go? To Wikipedia? To Twitter? To people who are complet unknown to you?
Or to these fine and friendly man and woman who are there to help you? Would you be afraid of these friendly police offices? Should you be afraid they don't believe believe you or don't listen to you? These very nice people? This hippie police officers with long hair, beards and mustaches, and our relaxed, cool hippie female cops? Peace man, make love, no war, we are here to help you! Come one!

So, is there a adres were we can send WP-Nl and Trollomedia_NL back to sender? Because there is a adres in California, but they never, never respond, despite there highly qualified communication employes.

Is gender neutral, this posting isn't it? I didn't even wrote Maher is a complete nitwit, and Jimbo a overdressed dandy who thinks he is Steven Jobs what he is not, because he is someone who is talking out of his wrong end.
Yes, I agree, gender neutrality is important, I support there mission.

But what do I do now???? And were is the genderdesk?????
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