Come play the Wikipedia BLP-palooza!

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Come play the Wikipedia BLP-palooza!

Post by WWHP » Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:52 am

Hi everyone,

I dont post my articles here much, but thought the community might like this and maybe give me some constructive feedback ... -pallooza/
Her biography or “BLP” (Biography of a Living Person) was on Wikipedia for a few months, before, she says, “a Wikipedia editor deleted my article” where she claims it was “taken over by trolls”.

Amy will probably do a better job than I of telling her story about what happened, but what stood out to me about her post was her letting the cat out of the bag with quite a large bang.

Her main conclusion was “The real rules of the game are hidden, political, and bizarre.”

After doing some research, including speaking directly to WikiMedia foundations legal council – Amy Osmond Cook shrewdly blogged about how to game the system if you want to improve your Wikipedia biography or company page.

Specifically, she noted, playing by the rules is a waste of time since the Wikipedia community has their own shadow rules they play by – the best thing for you or anyone to do is covertly hire a paid editor, anonymously. Her entire post walks you through it.

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