Harry Potter and Wikipedian culture - SPOILERS

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Harry Potter and Wikipedian culture - SPOILERS

Post by Auggie » Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:56 pm

ok I just finished the Harry Potter series

**** warning SPOILERS IN THIS THREAD ****

with that out of the way...




Moulton called Killer Chihuahua the "de theater bitch". Which is obviously a play on "death eater bitch". In the HP books, the bad guys are called "death eaters" and one of them famously gets called a "bitch" in the climactic battle scene.

One of Poetlisters socks was called, "Runcorn". He was a Ministry of Magic employee.

I think there were many more names I've seen around wiki-land. Pretty sure I ran into a "Lestrange" at some point. I should have been writing these down as I read the book.

All of the bizarre deferential behaviors and political machinations within a completely impotent and corrupt organization = Ministry of Magic = ArbCom

Stupid delusions of a grand self-sacrifice every time a Wikipedian quits in a long drawn-out whiny extinction burst = Harry walking up to Voldemort to get himself killed, and Dumbledore doing the same thing with Snape (I hate this suicide theme in the book)

Reluctance to quit the cult = teachers staying on at a school that actively tortures students and makes some students torture other students. Why don't they resign? Book seems to suggest they are staying on trying to help "protect" the students or do good from the inside. Seems an awful lot like Petain-style collaborationism.

GRAWP AND HAGGER? finally make sense to me!!!

What do you guys think? Any other Harry Potter readers here?

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