Cambodian genocide convictions fail at ITN/C

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Cambodian genocide convictions fail at ITN/C

Post by Pudeo » Mon Nov 19, 2018 10:13 am

I've been following the Khmer Rouge Tribunal since 2014, when the original convictions for crimes against humanity were given. The UN-approved tribunal was started in 2006. I was hoping that they manage to process the genocide charges before the indictees pass away, as two already had. This was a major genocide and this is the final issue of said long-standing trial.

I nominated the news for "In the news" section here as it was the BBC website's number one news article for the time being and obviously in other sources like the NYT as well. I updated the biographies with the source, and fixed the tribunal article by adding a lot of citations and removing unsourced information.

There were supports for posting it, but it was never was posted. I have some past experience with ITN/C but I didn't quite think the process is this arbitrary. Perhaps there is some hesitance to post convictions of a genocide committed by communist party ideologues who were educated in French universities?

Any views?

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