The Big Picture, the Crow's Nest, the 40,000 ft. view: Topics about the concepts, philosophy, and social psychology behind Wikipedia and Web 2.0
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Post by Auggie » Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:59 pm

First off, the Wikipedia article is horrible, focusing exclusively on the psychological aspect and not at all on the positive career usage of the word. e.g. ... 82530c1a62

But the point of this post is how horrid most Wikipedians and critics are at compartmentalization. Like you can't have a simple discussion about anything without them talking about world politics or religion or any number of other distractionary topics.

Maybe it's more of a branch of internet know-it-all-ism than a failure to compartmentalize. I think deep down these people know what they're saying is irrelevant. It's just that they are compulsive, and they have to display what they know and signal virtue whenever they can.

I think it's also a reason people are finding it so hard to find common ground and get along with each other. If you're constantly distracted by the big picture, you can't find small points of agreement and build any trust. You begin to see everyone as a category and not as an individual person.

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