Catherine Deneuve and Others Denounce the #MeToo Movement

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Catherine Deneuve and Others Denounce the #MeToo Movement

Post by EarlStatler » Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:44 pm

It's about this article.

I am glad woman start to understand the #Metoo mouvement is partly against human nature, and as always happened on Wikipedia, has lead in hate against man and is not supported by the mainstream of the woman.
Again, this time outside Wikipedia I am attacked by a Dutch gender lady. As it was as usually completely unreasonable what she claimed, she was the agressor, and off course, again as usual, I was the one who was blocked and the victim.
But this posting is not about that incidend on Wikipediacrazy. This posting is about the structural error of WMF to support in a fanatic way one vision. And I am talking about the wiki gender gap approach, what is related to the #Metoo discussion, the suport of the free source mouvment, the pro Palestinian bias, and many many other things WMF supports active.

And why is this so terrible wrong? Because it always ends up in repression, aggression, exclusion, one track minds, and at the end this approach always ends up in a huge corruption and dictators, just as we see now inside WMF.

I am a democrate. And I am a liberal Marxist. But, choose Le Pen, choose Wilders, choose Trump, vote for them if want, because we need them.
Why? To keep the ballans in the middle. To prevent us from what happend on Wikipedia. To prevent what happens inside WMF. It is terrible wrong not to listen what your opponents have to say, because you, yes you, are sometimes wrong and the other are sometimes right! Yes, even Le Pen, Wilders and Trump.

Do not exclude The devils advocate because you don't like his political colour, talk with him and argue with him. Don't misuse arbcom, with all it's extreem power. And sometimes you will be surprised what you have in common with your opponent, and sometimes you will be surprised how much you have not in common of your "own" people.
It is clear this one track vision was the downfall of the wiki movement. Because, my friends, we are in the middle of the history and are standing at the grave of the wiki mouvement, we only have to wait for the dead body. The wiki mouvement is bankrupt, it's only a matter of time till the dead body arrive, and we all know that but don't say it. There is no future for the wiki mouvement, I declare it dead.

There is only one thing left. The only thing what we can do is to learn. To learn from this wiki fiasco with all it's excesses. And to learn again a system without one vision and no balans is doomed. What every generation seems to forget and has to learn again in the hard way. Over, and over and over again, and now in a digital way.


Graaf Statler

PS Why Aggie is right this is the most important forum of all, is because you can find every evidence of what I am claiming here, on this board. Or here, on Sucks.
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