Ieder nadeel heb zijn voordeel

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Ieder nadeel heb zijn voordeel

Post by EarlStatler » Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:05 pm

Ieder nadeel heb zijn voordeel is a one of the most famous Cruijffiaanse uitspraken. (Dutch)
But who was Johan Cruyff, who said this once?
Johan Cruiff was one of the most famous football player of the world. Once man with beards and Kalashnikov were ready to a execute a Dutch journalist in the Middle East, and in his last moments the journalist said: But I am from Holland. With as result all that man started to beat him on his shoulder, and started to scan: Cruijff , Johan Cruijff, and let him and his driver free. That is Johan Cruijff.

But what means Ieder nadeel heb zijn voordeel? In the frist place it is misspelled. It has to be: Ieder nadeel heeft zijn voordeel, and it means: Every disadvantage has its advantage, and that is true. But the reverse too, and I tell you why, and it has to do with woman.

I told you before, our Dutch lady's, high and low educated, prefer to work part time. That's why the government and companies have created many part time jobs. I also told you the reason why it is hard to find female managers in our country, it is because the high educated lady's prefer to spend there time in a different way, for instance with there kids or with there hobby's, and prefer a lighter part time job.

But there is a other flip of the coin. Young woman can't find full time jobs anymore at the moment, because almost every function is part time, I read in the newspaper today.
So, ieder nadeel heb zijn voordeel, but also Ieder voordeel heb zijn nadeel. Every advantage has its disadvantage, what that is what has happend here.

But, if you see how we handle the gender gap in Holland, is there anybody who can tell me why a gender gap approach of Wikimedia-NL, subsidized by WMF, is not the same as fighting the discrimination of black people in Kenya? And is this not a example is of the complete spoiling of money to impress the sponsors? Because I think it is.

*I have deleted the title what has to be "Ieder nadeel heb zijn voordeel" so please sysop's, will you be so kind to repair it.
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Re: Ieder nadeel heb zijn voordeel

Post by Auggie » Mon Jan 22, 2018 6:29 pm


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