BLP smear list at "White Genocide Conspiracy theory"

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BLP smear list at "White Genocide Conspiracy theory"

Post by The Devil's Advocate » Wed Aug 29, 2018 12:40 am

Got this article up on Breitbart yesterday regarding this mess of an article. It has a bunch of people listed, often for very frivolous reasons, as being advocates of this "conspiracy theory" taken to include raising concerns about murders of white farmers in South Africa and plans for uncompensated land expropriation. The listing of Andrew Sullivan is especially egregious since all he did was criticize anti-white remarks people made. Of course, you have prominent admins such as Drmies and Doug Weller out there on that article defending it and its inclusion of the President of the United States. Another admin, Ian Thomson, is actually restoring some of these libelous listings when people remove them as BLP violations. Not mentioned in the piece is that a couple editors were also blocked, one indefinitely, by Bishonen for trying to remove some of this nonsense.

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Re: BLP smear list at "White Genocide Conspiracy theory"

Post by Auggie » Wed Aug 29, 2018 2:07 am

It's amazing all the creative ways Wikipedians have developed to get around the BLP policy and libel whoever they want to libel. Someone should sit down and explain it all sometime.

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