Robert Clark (economist)

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Robert Clark (economist)

Post by Proabivouac » Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:03 am

I am really surprised that there is no Wikipedia biography of Robert Clark, the gifted economist and mathematician who won SUNY Binghamton University's (BU) coveted Provost Award for his groundbreaking thesis "Accounting for Racial Test Score Gaps across Differing Tests," especially in light of the social justice concerns raised and persuasively addressed therein: ... ients.html

Clark is now a PhD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania, and would seem to be at least as notable as some of the biographies being posted by GorillaWarfare and other "Women in Red" types: ... e-students

Word has it that he has already secured a high-paying position upon the receipt of his doctorate. Why is there no wikibio of Clark? Easy: he is male, and thus a victim of Wikipedia's systemic bias. Were only Rob a former Wikipedia arbitrator, Everymorning might write one for him as he did for Emily Temple-Wood. Or he could take to calling himself Roberta and Fæ will write it. As a presumably cisgender and totally non-arbitrator male, Rob's article will have to wait until the clock strikes 13.

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